Grid Testing

Grid testing was done through out the state using three or four vehicles at the same time.  In the Lower Peninsula standard patrol cars and suburbans were used.  As testing went further north and the terrain became harder to cover especially in the Upper Peninsula, Jeeps were used.  Some grids had no paved roads and in many cases only two track lanes were available.  As you can see by the pictures, many of those two track lanes even the bridges were gone.  

Each unit had a State Police Officer, Radio Technician and a Motorola Employee.  The Officer drove the vehicle and made mobile radio test, Technician made handheld radio tests and the Motorola Employee kept us in the grids with computer and GPS info.  Recordings of merit exchanges were kept at the dispatch location and in the vehicle.  

Above and below is one location were the bridge was gone.


No road or even a two track available.

Have you ever seen a Michigan State Police vehicle this dirty?

The above pictures were taken in the area between Negaunee and L'anse.  That was the area we were working in when we 'forged the river.  The trooper said it was the Black river we had to drive in, and the two other pictures along the creek was later in the day when we were trying to get back to civilization.   The Dirty jeep picture was taken when we got up to Mount Arvon which is the highest point in Michigan at 1979 feet.  We used GPS most of the time as we were so far out in the woods, we had no references or land marks to find our way back from where we had to go to acquire most of the grids.
                                   (Pictures and info from Ski, WB8YXI 3-23-2009)


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